Hotel Industry

There are many subjects and then many schools of thoughts also which speak altogether different about the mankind pertaining various fields in society but astonishingly Psychology says entirely different about mankind. It says that man is a social animal. It is absolutely right but then it is important to focus on how he or she moves in society, interact with each other, and over & above styles, attitude, body language and finesse become very important to get involved in behavior. It is a vital fact; one has to be courteous mutually towards each other. This is what exactly PROUDSHALA noticed in Hospitality Industry.


Yes Obviously! Under the circumstances of today's diversified Economy, It is not only important but utmost essential also that the exposure of anything, what to talk about just objectively but very necessary activities also which involves entirely the Human behavior.

As till date; PROUDSHALA only has initiated to groom people so that they can prove themselves by exposing themselves as well the activity for which they are existing in Society. For this all, it is important that one should analyse his/her own views and this comes only with the help of Interviews because caliber of the individual is judged only through the Interviews. In fact as per the critical views; it should be ENTER VIEW i.e. how your views ( Grooming, Communication skill, English speaking, Body language and the inbuilt Urge ) are noticed by the observers because it is the observers only who decide about the individual abilities.

PROUDSHALA has initiated special group classes for training aspirant candidates for all the above mentioned features as a part of their curriculum.