PHP Training programs provide you with lots of different coding and software which are being utilized together with unique databases open source. PHP Trainingis actually dynamic software which is often used along with Mysql database to be able to get the information from its specific database component. Here, you will under stand exactly about the best way to code within PHP program and approaches to combine by using MYSQL database.

We are Providing

    1. PHP Training with Project
    2. PHP Advance Training with Project

PHP Course Content


    1. Html Basics
    2. Creating Form Using Html
    3. Using .css in Dreamweaver


    1. Introduction to JavaScript
    2. Types of JavaScript variables, operators, loops
    3. Using Objects, Events
    4. Common JavaScript Function
    5. Using JavaScript in Dreamweaver
    6. JavaScript Validation

PHP Fundamentals

    1. Embedding PHP with HTML
    2. Embedding HTML with PHP
    3. Introduction Variable
    4. Using Variables
    5. Understanding Data Types
    6. Using Operators
    7. Writing Statements and comments
    8. Using Conditional Statement (if (), else if (), else)
    9. Using Repetition Statements (for, while, do while)

Arrays and Custom Function

    1. Creating Array elements
    2. Modifying array elements
    3. Processing array with loops
    4. Using various array functions
    5. Creating user defined function
    6. Invoking library function


    1. Database Connectivity
    2. Normalization
    3. Fetching Data from Database
    4. Inserting Data into Database
    5. Updating Data in a Database
    6. Deleting Data from a Database

File Handling With PHP

    1. Reading data from a file
    2. Writing data to a file
    3. Testing file attributes
    5. Cookies

Oop Concept (PHP 5.0 and Above)

    1. Introduction to OOP
    2. Difference between OOP and Procedural Techniques
    3. Usage of Controllers
    4. Usage of Models
    5. Usage of Views
    6. Data Flow between Model, View and Controller

PHP basically stood for Personal Home Page, but now PHP stands for Hypertext Pre-processor. PHP is a server-side scripting language which is mainly used for web development but also used as a general-purpose programming language.
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