Photo Shop CS5

What is Photoshop?

    1. Exploring the Menu Bar
    2. Introducing the Toolbox
    3. Understanding the Options Bar
    4. Using Palettes
    5. Customizing Photoshop
    6. Opening and Navigating Images
    7. Using Adobe Bridge
    8. Getting Help
    9. Using the History Palette

Overview of the Selection Tools

    1. Using the Marquee Tools
    2. Exploring the Lasso Tools
    3. Creating Selections Using the Magic Wand
    4. Using Color Range to Create Selections
    5. Creating Selections Using Extractions
    6. Transforming a Selection
    7. Copying Pasting and Moving a Selection

Understanding Layers

    1. Working with Layers
    2. Applying Layer Styles
    3. Fill and Adjustment Layers
    4. Exploring Layer Comps
    5. What are Masks?
    6. Using Layer Masks
    7. Merging and Flattening Layers

Understanding Color Modes

    1. Specifying Color
    2. Understanding Color Adjustment
    3. Using the Adjustment Tools
    4. Replacing Color
    5. Introduction to the Drawing Tools
    6. Creating Paths
    7. Modifying Paths
    8. Introduction to the Painting Tools
    9. Using the Painting Tools

Working with Type

    1. Converting Type into a Shape or Path
    2. Exploring Type Effects
    3. Understanding Filters
    4. Previewing Filters
    5. Working with Filters
    6. Retouching Images

Preparing to Publish

    1. Printing Basics
    2. Optimizing Images for the Web
    3. Using Save For Web and Devices
    4. Creating Image Slices