The basics

    1. Tools, Menu commands, and Dialog boxes
    2. Measurement palette, Document layout palette, Library palette

Working with documents

    1. Customize default settings and preferences
    2. Create, modify, and arrange document pages
    3. Master pages (Automaticpage numbers)
    4. Copy items and pages between documents

Working with text

    1. Create, edit, and import text from other programs
    2. Tabs and indents, Style Sheets
    3. Search-and-replace text, character attributes, and fonts

Working with pictures

    1. Import artwork created in other programs
    2. Modify the frame and background of a picture box
    3. Change the pictureís scale, skew, and rotation
    4. How to precisely control the placement and look of type
    5. Leading methods
    6. Initial caps and drop caps
    7. Tracking and kerning, Baseline shift

Integrate various page elements:

    1. text boxes, picture boxes, and lines
    2. Text inset, Vertical alignment
    3. Stacking order of objects, Ruler guides, Reshaping boxes
    4. Repeating and aligning items, Grouping, Rotating
    5. Labeling Library palette entries, Runarounds
    6. Anchoring boxes to text and anchoring rules to text
    7. Linking text boxes

The Color palette

    1. Painting frames, backgrounds, text, and imported pictures