CorelDRAW X4

Lesson 1: Getting Started with CorelDRAW X4        (Level 1)

    1. Explore the CorelDRAW X4 Interface
    2. Customize the Workspace
    3. Obtain Help
    4. Differentiate Between Raster and Vector Graphics

Lesson 2: Creating Graphical Objects

    1. Set Up a Drawing Page
    2. Draw Shapes
    3. Draw Lines
    4. Include Objects
    5. Add Text to Objects

Lesson 3: Formatting Objects

    1. Work with Fills
    2. Modify Objects
    3. Modify Outlines
    4. Align Objects

Lesson 4: Manipulating Text

    1. Fit Text on a Path
    2. Work with Paragraph Text
    3. Wrap Paragraph Text
    4. Work with a Text Style
    5. Modify OCR Text
    6. Insert Special Characters
    7. Spell Check a Documents

Lesson 5: Working with Tables

    1. Create a Table
    2. Modify a Table
    3. Format a Table

Lesson 6: Enhancing a Drawing

    1. Apply Artistic Effects to Objects
    2. Create Symbols

Lesson 7: Working with Advanced Printing Options

    1. Work with Print Styles
    2. Export CorelDRAW Files in Other Formats

Lesson 1: Working with Pages            (Level 2)

    1. Understand Page Elements
    2. Create Layers
    3. Obtain Help

Lesson 2: Creating a Design

    1. Create Custom Shapes
    2. Create a Mesh

Lesson 3: Manipulating a Drawing

    1. Format Objects
    2. Edit Objects

Lesson 4: Working with Images

    1. Enhance Images
    2. Convert Bitmap Images to Vector Images

Lesson 5: Developing Interactive Elements

    1. Create Rollovers
    2. Create Hyperlinks

Lesson 6: Simplifying Tasks

    1. Work with Macros
    2. Print Merge Documents

Lesson 7: Finalizing a Document

    1. Prepare for Distribution
    2. Output a Documen

Corel Draw is graphic design software accessible for the PC. It Permits users to create professional illustrations for logos, brochures, and web graphics.
This software also involves photo editing tools. This offers an open range of features and tools that can help you to work with special design approaches.
The Corel Draw software is designed for fashion designers, graphic designers, textile designers, packaging firms, and aspiring designers.
The best part of Corel draw is that Corel draw’s usability is better than illustrator in the Indian market.
Corel Draw is a vector-based application which means the images are resolution independents & can be enlarged to any size without any change in quality. It is designed to meet the demands of today’s working designer to create ads or collateral print for the web.

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