Dot Net Training


Dot Net Training

This is the development system created by Microsoft Corporation. Dot Net course improve your development. i.e. web development and desktop computer application development. Dot net training course will give you the industry exposure. Each of our experts trainers employed in IT organization will give you the real time dot net training which generally consists of server side training also you will probably be aware of domain, web hosting for online assignment upgrading. You are now ready to work with any kind of dot net project offline and online both.

Dot Net Course Content

    1. Introducing ASP.NET
    2. ASP.NET Programming Models
    3. ASP.NET Platform Requirements
    4. Creating Web Forms
    5. Designing Web Forms
    6. IIS Application Root Directory
    8. Adding Web Controls to forms
    9. Setting Web Controls to Forms Type of Server Controls
    10. Different Between Server controls And Web Controls
    11. Some commonly used Web Controls
    12. Validation Controls
    13. What is Validation Controls
    14. Using Validation Controls
    15. Using multi Validation Controls
    16. Configuring ASP.NET
    17. Catching in ASP.NET Application
    18. ASP.NET Application Security Mechanisms
    19. Designing the Customer Interface
    20. The HOME Page
    21. The Search Page
    22. The Account Details Page
    23. The Customer Details Page
    24. Connectivity
    25. SQL Server
    26. Access
    27. XML
    28. Advance ASP.NET Topics
    29. Crystal Reports
    30. Session Variables
    31. Cookies
    32. Master Pages
    33. All Data Binding Controls
    34. Login Controls
    35. Themes Skins
    36. Ajax Installation
    37. Ajax Tool Kits
    38. Live Project training is consists of problem from the real world situation.

.NET is an object-oriented programming (OOP) model start to help developers to build web distributed systems. Industrial training in Delhi yield a platform-independent framework that permit developers to quickly develop and manage web applications, client applications, and XML web services applications.
ASP.NET is a framework for establishing web pages with HTML, JavaScript and server scripting. is used to build web sites, web applications and web services. ASP stands for active server pages was launched by Microsoft to build websites. ASP.NET is section of the .NET Framework. ASP.NET includes the favour to build Web applications. Using a programmer can develop various types of applications. help various programming languages such as,, etc