About us

There is always a ladder to climb upon--There is always an aid to the blind man - There is always an aid to the lame person, Ms Anjali Kalra, the education lauriate and a devotional educationist thought much about nurturing the talents of humanity & providing an aid in a very perspective way by laying the guidelines to impart education to the aspirants who have developed a level of understanding so that one can understand the reasoning of Why-What-When and who.

Keeping all this in mind at length, looking in the depth of world of education, Ms Anjali Kalra started Proud Shala in the year 2009 with a team of Experienced Teahers, Lecturers, and the Experienced scholars who were hilariously strong with basic concepts and are always eager towards more and more advancements as per the standards of schools, colleges and the universities.

The primary and the formost objective of the PROUD SHALA is to prepare the candidate to stand in dynamic society may it be in the field of pure education, technical expertise or research and development to prepare the candidate for qualitative and meaningful tutorial knowledge resulting in, to become proficient and well versed with all the necessary areas to enhance the standard of not only the student but the whole society as it is already said by William Word's Worth, " Child is the father of the man". Here the child is considered the foundation of Society and the man is considered as the entire nation. Proud Shala is proud of providing all necessary and required parameters to the aspirants which are collectively the boon of level of Understanding and the Analytical Studies to stand in life facing all the challenges.

Besides providing the necessary educational aid for various courses run by Proud Shala, Our focus is not just limited to the theoretical aspects of knowledge, in fact the whole treasure of practical knowledge is waiting for the aspirants to come and fulfill their dreams and convert them into reality. No doubt PROUD SHALA  provides a safe, orderly, caring and supportive environment where the priority is provided to every individual candidate in addition with the best learning program provided to him with a stable learning environment resulting in high results of success preparing the candidate with active as well as creative mind which includes a sense of understanding and compassion for others and the courage to act on beliefs recognizing their full potential and correct path towards achieving success.